Satiety Index

Sometimes you have noticed that eating the same amount of one food makes you feel your stomach is full while eating the same amount of another food doesn’t make you feel your stomach is full.

When you eat food, it first goes to the stomach to be digested and then the digested food is absorbed into the body.

This digestion process takes some time.

Now not all foods take equal time to digest.

Some foods are digested and absorbed quickly while some foods take a lot of time to be digested and absorbed.

An index has been created listing which foods will fill the stomach and which foods will not.

In this index, different foods are given a specific numerical value depending on their digesting time.

This index is called the satiety index.

All foods that rank above 100th are labeled as stomach filling foods and foods that score below 100th on the Index are not considered as stomach filling foods.

Boiled potatoes rank at the top of this index with the value of 375, and fried foods got rank at bottom with a value of 76.

Now, if you eat a certain amount of boiled potatoes, your stomach will feel full, but if you eat the same amount of fried food, your stomach will not feel as full.

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