Lactose Intolerance

If we simplify the word lactose intolerance.

Here lactose is a type of sugar present in milk and intolerance means the body can’t tolerate or digest this milk sugar properly.

Actually, this is a digestive problem of the human body.

Any food we take first gets digested through the digestive system in our body then the simplified form of that food gets absorbed in the body.

Almost every food has three main parts: Carbohydrate, protein and fat.

The carbohydrate part breaks down into simple sugars like glucose, galactose etc. during the digestion process by various enzymes.

So many enzymes are involved in this digestion process, certain types of enzymes break down certain types of food into simple absorbable units.

Milk also contains carbohydrates called lactose, this lactose turns to galactose by the enzyme called lactase during digestion and then this galactose is absorbed in the body.

Here lactose is a complex sugar which is Carbohydrate and the galactose is the simple absorbable sugar.

If in any human body, the lactase enzyme is not present or present in very less amount, the digestion process of milk is not completed properly.

Then this undigested part of the milk interacts with bacterias present in our body as a result it produces loose motion, gas, bloating etc.

After that this undigested part of the milk gets excreted by the stool.

This is not a disease but an abnormality of the human digestive system. So if any human has lactose intolerance they should avoid milk and milk products.

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